Generate and Qualify leads with a higher conversion rate.

Turn traditional marketing channels into consumer detail opportunities.

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There is no easy way to identify end users, or to get their information to make contact with them. Conversion from traffic to lead generation is low. Leads that have been identified are difficult to qualify, based on specific needs, and another challenge lies in getting that information in real-time to the right person for quick action.

  • Consumer contact details are not easily collected - sign up forms are tedious and sign up buttons are seen as a call for spam rather than a call-to-action.
  • High traffic but low leads (low conversion rate) without knowing the reasons for drop off (are you targeting the right audience?)
  • Detail on call-to-actions have multiple steps (website, fb), messages are ambiguous and consumer is asked to fill in their details, resulting in drop off of the initial interested parties.
  • Consumers are often not shown or given anything of value before signing up (little to entice them), leading to drop off of traffic.
  • Social media is good for brand awareness but likes and comments are vague at best.

The Solution

Turn traditional marketing channels into consumer detail opportunities. Source consumer details upon the first click into the engagement! Engage through multiple marketing channels, measure and compare their success to further profile the consumer coming in.

  • Consumers details are sourced as they click on the link, through various channels.
  • Consumers are qualified early in the engagement (gauge reasons for drop off, and see if your marketing efforts are reaching the right audience).
  • Live data is sent directly to the relevant people, who are able to act quickly and make contact with consumers.
  • Eliminate the element of cold calling – communicate with the end user based on their personal experience/ consumer profile (ability to filter the database).
  • Convert social media traffic from likes and comments to useable leads in real-time.
  • Compare the traffic and leads generated by activation channels (radio, Facebook, print) to assess for future marketing spend.
  • Provide value to consumer through video, incentives, information – enticing them to want to engage further and receive additional interaction.
  • Provide incentives within the journey to award consumers for interacting.

Activation Strategy

Activate to the right target audience for a high traffic to leads conversion rate. Activate on radio during popular morning shows, at Harley Davidson shops (bike, clothing and online stores), in magazines such as Bike SA, on Facebook (specify the target audience and location - men 35+ in South Africa), etc.

Visible Advertisement - scan the QR code (e.g. Pull Up Banner)

Social Media Posts - click on the link (e.g. Instagram)

Print Advertisement - SMS short code (e.g. Magazine)

Radio Advert - SMS short code

Visible Advertisement – scan the QR code (e.g. Table Talker)

TV Advertisement - SMS short code