A Solution: For A Follow-up Survey

Improve customer experience with an impactful follow-up survey.

Eliminate intrusive cold-calling and allow customers to interact at their convenience.

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Following up with customers can go a long way toward improving customer retention rates. Though impact is quick, post the customer’s visit, traditional follow-up phone calls are often time-sensitive or intrusive (customers are busy at work, for example).

  • Follow up phone calls are seen in a negative light – often intrusive and inconvenient
  • Phone calls are often time sensitive, lending to short or untruthful answers
  • Phone surveys are costly and involve dedicated attention
  • Surveys are vague and do not allow feedback based on each answer
  • Issues need to be escalated, resulting in another phone call to the customer

The Solution

Improve communication with clients, in a cost-effective and non-intrusive way, eliminating the need for cold calling, and allowing customers to interact at a time that is convenient to them.

  • Eliminates the need for cold calls.
  • Easily accessible on mobile phones, at a time that is convenient to customers.
  • Cost-effective way to conduct a feedback survey (cost of SMS).
  • Easily distributed and communicated to customers via mobile (primary) or email.
  • Customers can request a follow up call should they wish to elaborate or receive more information.
  • Issues or concerns can be immediately escalated for follow-ups directly with the customer.
  • Salesmen and managers are well-informed of the customer’s experience before following up with the requested phone call.

Activation Strategy

Customers will receive the survey link after collecting their vehicles, to complete at a time that is convenient to them, on their mobile devices.

Email to customer - click on the link
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SMS to customer - click on the link
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Visible call to action - SMS the short code
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