A Solution: For Induction & Onboarding

Increase employee engagement and interaction.

Integrate employees into their new environment quickly and seamlessly.

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Well planned Induction and Onboarding ensures that new employees settle in quickly and happily to a productive role and further more ensures that new starters are retained. The reality, however, is that this crucial organisational capability is often undervalued and requires time and effort from a number of stakeholders within the organisation.

  • Monitoring and management of the process (for employee development and mandatory compliance) is often ineffective and/or laborious
  • Induction and onboarding requires many stakeholders and is effort and time-consuming
  • There is a lack of two-way communication to facilitate necessary changes to the process

The Solution

Induction and Onboarding can be easily distributed and accessed by new staff via their mobile phones. These journeys that not only inform and train the new employee but also establish/ introduce the newbies to existing staff.

  • Easily distributed and communicated to new staff via their mobile phones - “Kick off” the staffInduction process
  • Communicate relevant information and training (related to company policies and procedures) – in way that is easily accessible
  • Ensure proper planning - stakeholders involved can be sent the journeys to easily see what is happening and included
  • An effective way to cover the basics: dress code; where’s the canteen; what’s the routine for holidays; sick leave; where are the bathrooms etc.
  • Effective communication of the job (with clear methods, timescales and expectations)
  • Enable two-way engagement can take place, building a meaningful platform for meaningful work and positive relationships
  • Feedback on the Recruitment & Selection Process that the new employee went through, can improve the process efficiency within the business
  • Request information from the new starter (preferences, aims, wishes, unique personal potential etc.), providing invaluable information and a breath of fresh air for most new starters.
  • Data and reporting to manage and monitor the new employee through their onboarding process, a well as providing statistics for mandatory training to various compliance bodies.

Activation Strategy

Send the information pack directly to your guests via SMS and/ or email to ensure guests have easy access to important information and contact details regarding their stay.

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Email to employee - click on the link
SMS to employee - click on the link
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