A Solution: For An Information Pack

Information packs that are easily distributed and easy to access.

Deliver information packs in a cost-effective and engaging way, easily accessible for clients.

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Traditionally, information packs are often personalized and printed and delivered to guests before they depart for their holiday. These are often left behind by the guests, resulting in unnecessary phone calls to the agents requesting information. Alternatively, the packs are available at the venue upon arrival, and it is not known whether guests go through them, or how comprehensive the content is.

  • Cost of printing, delivering and updating information packs
  • Risk of customers leaving them behind, or not reading them
  • No feedback on content or construction of the information pack

The Solution

Improve communication of useful/ important information with guests, in a cost effective way that is easily distributed to guests and easily accessible by them on their mobile phones.

  • Communicate important information in an engaging way
  • Contact details are easily saved to the guests' mobile phones
  • Important documents can be hyperlinked for ease of reference (e.g. rules and regulations)
  • Negates cost of printing packs and couriering to guests
  • Reminders can be sent to customers that have not accessed their information packs – the client can manage whether information has been read and acknowledged

Activation Strategy

Send the information pack directly to your guests via SMS and/ or email to ensure guests have easy access to important information and contact details regarding their stay.

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