A Solution: For 360 Appraisals

Effective, flexible surveys for more accurate results.

Eradicate costs with immediate and simultaneous deployment.

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360 Degree Appraisals provide a broader view on employees. However, often these are time consuming and expensive, which leads to poor results.

  • Time-consuming and expensive – as such, they are rarely done more than once a year
  • The inclusion of questions/ sections that don’t relate to some employees, leading to skewed results
  • Not much allowance for flexibility

The Solution

The solutions URUP Connect provides amplify marketing, giving a preview of the app and its benefits, enabling it to stand out from the clutter of similar apps, and rewarding consumers with data to incentivise downloads!

  • Responders use their own device, in any location, at any time, at their own convenience
  • Eradicates set up cost, material production and distribution, and affords the opportunity for more frequent appraisals (where needed)
  • Appraisals can be immediately and simultaneously deployed regionally, nationally and internationally, in real time
  • High reliability, assuring anonymity

Activation Strategy

Links are easily visible for all employees to be able to engage with when needed!

Email to Database – Click on the link
Email to Database – Click on the link
SMS to Database – Click on the link
SMS to Database – Click on the link

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