A Solution: For Exit Interviews

Reliable, flexible and non-threatening.

Need a more reliable, flexible, non-threatening and cost efficient method of conducting exit interviews?

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It's inevitable – employees leave their jobs for other opportunities. There are a lot of challenges when employees part way with their company, especially for the Human Resources Department who are tasked with scheduling exit interviews, as well as extra work delays for remaining employees, and of course, there is always the loss in expertise and finding a suitable replacement.

  • The exit interview is more than often awkward for both the employer and employee.
  • Exit interview process becomes undervalued and is more than often shied away from, by the employer and the employee, with the opportunity being lost to glean constructive feedback for improving the company.

The Solution

Exit interviews conducted on the URUP Connect Platform are a flexible, low cost, digital solution providing feedback in real-time.

  • High reliability (as it is completed by the respondent and not captured by the interviewer)
  • Accessible at the convenience of the respondent, anywhere, anytime and anyplace (where the respondent has internet access)
  • This sometimes awkward process through the means of engagement and chosen tone becomes more comfortable
  • There is the option of being anonymous (in terms of mass churn or at the end of a project/contract involving many employees), or not
  • Flexibility - quickly adapt and change the interaction components and questions to obtain the relevant information required
  • Glean constructive feedback for improving the company (ask the right questions)
  • Low administration and resource cost (negates the need for a ‘warm body’ interviewer)
  • Statistics and reporting information can be accessed in real-time
  • The interview can be a preliminary interview (with the option of the respondent requesting a face-to-face formal/informal meeting, within the journey, as part of the exit interview.

Activation Strategy

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