A Solution: For On Premise Promotions

Increase brand engagement and product purchases!

Gain insight into your consumers through meaningful interaction with the brand.

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On premise promotions increase brand exposure and consumption in stores, restaurants and at events, but offer limited engagement with the brand, and no insight into the consumers.

  • The promotion is dependent on advertising and/or staff
  • Traditional competitions consist of one-way communication as an entry (e.g. SMS to a short code number)
  • Some on premise promotions reward consumers with promotional items but there is no further engagement with the brand
  • Apart from the product itself, consumers are afforded limited brand/ product exposure/ education in exchange for consumption
  • After entering the competition and making the purchase, there is nothing to entice the consumer to make a repeat purchase
  • Further efforts must be made to convert customers to regular consumers
  • No insight into who your consumers are

The Solution

Increase engagement with the brand through meaningful interaction, reward consumers for engaging, and promote consumption whilst attributing to positive brand sentiment.

  • Drive sales and convert customers to repeat consumers by incorporating product purchase to gain more attempts in the competition
  • Mass engagement - anyone with an internet based phone
  • Consumers can be rewarded in a number of different ways that further enhance and entice engagement
  • Create hype with the product through numerous potential reward points (e.g. spot prizes, discount vouchers, win products, and the main prize at the end of the competition)
  • Incorporate a viral aspect to the competition – consumers share the competition with friends and family over various media channels, driving them to both the venue and to purchase the product
  • Provide value to consumer through video, incentives, information – enticing them to want to engage further and receive additional interaction from the competition, brand and product
  • Engage consumers through gamification elements that educate on the brand/ product
  • Gain insight into your consumers – who they are, what they like, and if they are first time buyers or loyal customers
  • Generate leads and filter the database for future targeted interactions

Activation Strategy

Activate through visible advertisement at participating restaurants, through scratch cards, table talkers, and branded coasters. Incentivise restaurant staff to promote the competition and promote sales.

Visible advertisement - SMS the short code (e.g. A Drink Coaster)
Friends around table with a mobile phone
Visible advertisement - Scan the QR Code (e.g. On Premise Signage)
Friends around table with a mobile phone
Game-based Promotion - SMS the short code (e.g. A Promotion Scratch Card)
Friends around table with a mobile phone
Social Media Links - click on the link (e.g. Facebook)
Friends around table with a mobile phone
Visible Advertisement - SMS the short code (e.g. Table Talker)
Friends around table with a mobile phone

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