A Solution: For Post-Training Evaluation

A low-cost and efficient way to measure the effectiveness of training sessions.

Easily distribute surveys to trainees and enable two-way communication.

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Training departments are exceptionally busy, often with back-to-back training initiatives. A lack of time and support, and the correct tools, can inhibit the best intentions of evaluating training efforts.

  • Little time to assess training efforts
  • Upfront costs of developing, producing and distributing training materials
  • Conducting evaluations is time consuming and is often facilitated in a face-to-face approach
  • Cost of training venues, training equipment and trainers
  • Once developed, LMS platforms do not allow much flexibility – changes come at an additional expense

The Solution

Post-training evaluation on the URUP Connect Platform allows for simultaneous and seamless deployment of the survey, directly to the trainee’s preferred device, eradicating time and cost.

  • Survey enables trainers to ‘plug’ gaps in a learning management system and/or e-learning platform
  • Eradicates costs – training venue, equipment, trainer, time and travel to numerous sessions
  • Eradicates costly training material production and distribution
  • Immediate and simultaneous deployment regionally, nationally and internationally, in real-time
  • Close the gap between training and evaluation through easy and quick deployment while the training is fresh on the trainees’ minds
  • Survey takes place on the Trainee’s own device, in any location, at any time
  • An engaging way for trainees to give their feedback with a range of survey techniques
  • Flexibility in editing components of the survey to suit the training
  • Live data to assess results in real-time, to determine training program changes

Activation Strategy

Making use of multiple activation methods will allow you to assess the success of the different channels, to better communicate with your employees in the future, via their preferred channel.

SMS to database - click on the link
SMS to database - click on the link
Web-based Call to Action - click on the link (e.g. Intranet Noticeboard)
Web-based Call to Action - click on the link
Email to database - click on the link
Email to database - click on the link
Office Signage - SMS the short code
Office Signage - SMS the short code

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