A Solution: For Trainee Pre-Assessment

Engage trainees in an effective and appealing way.

Easily distribute content to trainees for self-monitoring prior to exams.

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Pre-assessments are a way for trainees to gauge their knowledge prior to exams. Challenges occur in enabling trainees to self-monitor, as well as in easily addressing knowledge gaps and disconnects

  • There are the upfront costs of developing, producing and distributing training material
  • There are hidden costs for trainers - the cost of time and travel to training locations
  • If a Learning Management System (LMS) or e-learning platform is used, the platform often comes at a big development cost and although very effective, once developed can be rigid, not affording flexibility in line with the trainers'/ trainees' needs
  • Once developed, the material doesn’t allow for much flexibility – changes are at an additional expense

The Solution

Pre-assessment monitoring with URUP Connect makes the acquisition of learning content, knowledge and skill more efficient, effective and appealing.

  • Increased engagement through gamification
  • Can 'plug' gaps in a learning management system and/or e-learning platform
  • Training can be immediately and simultaneously deployed regionally, nationally and internationally, in real time
  • Eradicates costly training material production and distribution
  • Training takes place on the trainee’s own device, in any location, at any time
  • Use the results of the pre-assessment training to inform content development for future courses

Activation Strategy

Use all available channels that would communicate the StudiLeaks to trainees, directly and in areas visible to them.

Web-Based Call To Action - click on the link (e.g. Intranet Noticeboard)
Web-Based Call To Action - click on the link
Email to trainees - click on the link
Email to trainees - click on the link
Visible Signage - SMS the short code
Visible Signage - SMS the short code
SMS to trainees - click on the link
SMS to trainees - click on the link

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