Reliable and anonymous, whistle-blowing.

Improve efficiencies and effectiveness in the workplace.

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Whistle-blowing is often perceived in a negative light, by both employees and the organization. The objectives and outcomes are misinterpreted or misunderstood. Changing this perception is not easy.

Whistle-blowers are often put off from speaking out due to hostility and resentment they fear they would face from peers and superiors. Assuring anonymity and protection of the whistle-blower is difficult, as is educating employees about their rights, and the importance of giving their feedback.

The Solution

A ready-made solution that is easy to set up, can be implemented across multiple channels or in multiple spaces, helping the organization understand the objectives and positive outcomes of whistle-blowing, while assuring anonymity.

  • Communicate the objectives of whistle-blowing and that it contributes to positive change (change the perception of whistle-blowing and whistle-blowers).
  • Educate and inform the audience of their rights, and that their information is anonymous.
  • High reliability, assuring anonymity (as information is stored by a third party system).
  • Easily accessible over multiple channels and points of activation.
  • This sometimes awkward process through the means of engagement and chosen tone becomes more comfortable.
  • Flexibility - quickly adapt and change the interaction components and questions to obtain the relevant information required.
  • Low administration and resource cost (quick to set up, easily adaptable).
  • Statistics and reporting information can be accessed in real-time to timeously and effectively manage risk, fraud and safety.
  • Glean constructive feedback for improving the company (ask the right questions).

Activation Strategy

Links are easily visible for all employees to be able to engage with when needed!

Web-based Call to Action - click on the link (e.g. Intranet Noticeboard)

Office Signage - SMS the short code

Email to database - click on the link

Web-based Call to Action - click on the link (e.g. End of Journey Button)