Find out exactly WHO your customers are, and exactly WHAT holds their attention.
This allows you to quickly and easily adapt and customize your strategy to marketing lessons learned.

Completely Modular. We Build It Your Way.

Why Now?

Organizations are experiencing an ever growing increase in the cost and complexity involved with the development and maintenance of applications needed to support their business’s evolving communication and engagement needs.

URUP Connect offers a unique solution that is concentrated within the digital mobile space, which is easily customizable, manageable and flexible in both design and creation, to facilitate this ever-changing environment. With our 1-click to engage solution, we allow your audience to engage, quickly and effortlessly with no signup or app download. Through these customizable engagements we create rich and dynamic data to enhance your digital strategies. This brings a combination of speed and fluidity to digital communication and engagement campaigns! We strive to bring companies and their audiences closer together in less time, at a reduced cost, and with tremendous flexibility!

URUP Connect Overview

Engage In seconds

URUP Connect's unique value proposition enables an organisation, brand or company to engage with their target audience on any smart device within seconds - no app download, no sign-up process. This ensures that in a single click your target audience is engaging with you through any digital communication channel that can serve a website link.

Targeted Communications, Amplified brand awareness, enhanced knowledge transfer that drives bulletproof compliance and delivers your communication objectives faster.

Unique Complex Solutions

URUP Connect offers fast turn around times on unique solutions for you.

Deploy solutions in every department

  • Communication
  • Brand Outreach
  • Internal Messaging
  • Consumer Outreach
  • PR & Events
  • Monthly Results
  • Customer Services
  • Investor Relations
  • Marketing & Sales
  • Lead Generation
  • Consumer Profiling
  • Product launches
  • In-store POS Engagement
  • Media Engagement
  • Digital Catalogues
  • Consumer Data Reporting
  • Training
  • Pre-Engagement
  • Induction
  • Professional Skills
  • Regulatory & Compliance
  • Departmental
  • Health & Safety
  • Culture & Values
  • Human Resources
  • Recruitment
  • Onboarding
  • Performance Reviews
  • Employee Benefits
  • Exit Interviews
  • Candidate Feedback
  • Employee Handbooks

Big Meaningful data

Relevant data allows you to adapt your strategy based on contextualized information collected through your journey directly to your screen.

Data can be delivered via our software dashboard's built-in reporting tools or the API stack, allowing you to pull data directly into your choice of analytics tools. Not having to wait for weeks for feedback allows you to adapt your strategy effectively.


Instant Data

Enhance your analytical insights into message effectiveness and knowledge transfer – down to every individual who engaged your communication journey.

  • Which channel did they prefer to engage through - WhatsApp, Facebook, Email link, Website or limitless other options?
  • How long did they watch your video message, read the PDF or play the incentivized game?
  • Did they respond to your free airtime/data/voucher reward to complete your journey or not? What time of day did they activate this?
  • What is the likelihood that they would share your communication with their close professional or personal network? Does that request from you need to be rewarded or not? If so, with what incentive?

'One of the most exciting technologies
I have seen in my career.'

Mike Greig
Partner, Digital PwC UK

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